Michele Cecchi is a dj-producer, A&R and remixer with 19 years of hard work to prove it. 

 started his music career in 1997, on a radio program called  Future Releases presented 

 by one of the most popular italian djs Freddy K. 

 After the studies he decides to build a little home recordings studio in his house with a 

 Roland JP-8080 a Drum machine and a TB-303. 

 In 2000 he writes "The Mistery Inside" (low quality but good melody) so spending a lot of

 days to work on that and with the precious help of DjMill&ManuelT and the producer Elvio

 Trampus (Nebula), he finally recorded his first vinyl on Uforecordings. 

 This was the beginning...In 2001 starts  (in collaboration with Dj Mill), a project called

"Antithesys" with the singles "World of Dreams", "The Gate" and many remixes too.

 Michele Cecchi is an eclectic music composer and his productions takes a wide range of

 genres from electronic,trance,techno,chillout to classic scores for soundtracks. 

He's actually producing on: Nile Tunes Recordings, Diverted Music, Neuroscience Records

Bonzai Records, Axon Records and Trance All Stars.